Professor John McNeill, the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland has described the new Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill as "bold and imaginative, respresenting a once in a generation opportunity"

The Bill introduced yesterday by the Scottish Parliament will bring together existing regional forces into the new Police Service of Scotland and establish local senior officers in each council area.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill believes this will save the government an estimated £1.7 billion over the next 15 years.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Scotland) has given their support to the plans along with Prof McNeill who added: "The overall direction of police reform is the right one.

"I welcome the expansion of the existing PCCS to include the powers to undertake investigations as directed by the Crown and where there is a public interest."

However, he did warn that the creation of a single police force in Scotland would also require more power to police investigations and reviews in order to hold the new authority to account.

The Scottish Government has said all staff employed by the existing forces will be transferred to the new Police Service of Scotland, allaying fears of job losses amongst many officers North of the border.

Click here to read a copy of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill in full.
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